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04 by ShastaIsAnAndroid 04 :iconshastaisanandroid:ShastaIsAnAndroid 1 0 06 by ShastaIsAnAndroid
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United States
I'm Shasta, a ded android.
Hey guys, I'm Shasta. Formerly known as Shadowstar1021, I impulsively deleted my old account and made a new one. I still not sure why I did, but whatever. On my old account I made a medley which can be heard here:…
Here is a current WIP [Aug 3]:

I want to do another medley, just a little different. I'm going to pick the songs, and I'm going to be rather picky about who is selected. With that being said, don't be afraid to submit your utoots. I still want to see them.

7/30: Updated general info.
8/1: Added some utaus and updated general info
8/3: More utaus added, WIP added
10/13: This is still being worked on, I'm just trying to find more utaus I like, and fit the parts needed.... There are also a few that are going to be included, but aren't finished.


General info:

-Read the top part of this journal. The entire thing. Don't just skip to the form.
-I'm picking the songs.
-CV, VCV, or CVVC JPN only please. 
-Must be a public voicebank (I need to download it)
-Art isn't important (No video will be made)
-The voicebank must be able to read hiragana.
-If you want an instrumental utau to be in this, you may render it yourself.
-You may submit as many as you would like, including other people's utaus. 
-You must fill out a form for each utau.
-I will use flags I find necessary, you may suggest some though.
-I will adjust the octave to find the utau's best range.
-I already picked a handful of utaus in this.
-Just because your utau got accepted doesn't mean they'll stay. If I find one that fits that spot better, I'll switch them out. 
-A few utaus will be used multiple times. 

Just because I said all of that doesn't mean you should be scared. Put your best foot forth and stand tall. You've worked hard on your utau, and I want to see them. Don't get discouraged if I don't use your utau, if you would like I could give you some improvement tips. Also, keep in mind that there are many factors involved. Just because I didn't use your utau doesn't mean they're bad. It could mean many things such as I don't have an opened song that'll fit their voice. I understand you've worked hard, as have I. So don't get discouraged. You got this! 



Utau name: 
What to credit you as:
Other notes:


Song list

02 Servant of Evil - Kevin Futarine
03 Cyber Thunder Cider - Eclipse
04 Time Limit - Pasturu
05 One of Repetition - Aino Erufu
06 I Want To See You -Aimi Hibiki
07 Love Trial - Reichuru
08 Heartbreak Summit - Kokone Kara
*09 Silver Bullet - Kuroda
10 Melody - A0N
11 At God's Mercy - Uzu Memaine
*12 Unbalance - Reina Reizo
13 Enclosure - Sora Hoshiko/Star Wilson
14 Brain Fluid Explosion Girl - Uzu Memaine/ANDROMEDA
*15 Electro Saturator - Shuu Mawarine
16 Clover Club - Akane Michiko
17 Future Horizon - SoNo MOXY
18 Jitter Doll - Sora Hoshiko
19 Shotgun Lovers - Roko Sōon
20 Eh,Ah,Yes - Taru Iwata
*21 Neko Neko Superfever Night - Min'yo
*22 Lily Lily Burning Night - CAELUM (Inst Ver)
*23 Miki Miki Romantic Night - Min'yo
*24 Luka Luka Night Fever - Kian Walsh (Inst Ver)
*25 I'll Make You Miku Miku 2012 - Min'yo
26 A Million Gadget User - Jack Farcuer
*27 An Unstable Girl - Natsuki Kiseki
*28 Imagination Forest - Aki Toka
*29 What Do You Mean!? - SIO
*30 The Warlike Cult - Aihiro Utaiji
*31 Cantarella - Hoshine Kei
*32 Iroha Song  One Hikari
*33 Calculator - Kakou Higure
*34 Snowflake - ALiCE Kyohakushi
35 Heaven's Music -
36 Rolling Girl -  
37 World's End Dancehall -

*38 Online Game Addicts Spechchor - LYRA
*39 Panda Hero - PHOENIX
40 A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night - Yoshi Kazune
41 Love Rocker - ちゃろえもん
*42 Crescent Moon - Lei
43 Puzzle - Etsuko Akane
44 Pair of Wintry Winds - CARINA
45 A Red Leaf - ANDROMEDA
46 Hello, How Are You - CAELUM
47 Even Though My Song has no Form - Taro Mizuko
48 Celluloid - Kevin Andrews
49 Letter Song - Aero Andrews
50 Cherry Blossom Rain - Vincent Song
51 From Y to Y - Elian Song
52 Strobe Last - Aeneas
53 Acute - AQUILA
54 BadBye - CYGNUS
55 Black Board - Sioc
*56 Chloe - Hanako Mizuko
57 Kokoro - Tsuyone Shin
58 Voc(a)loid in Love -
59 RIP=RELEASE - Keitai Kiroku
60 Hibikase - Star Wilson
61 Around the World - Rue Cross
62 Daybreak - Trei
63 Tiger Rampage - Kuota
64 A Momentary Trip - Sin Ga
65 Common World Domination - Po
66 Pedal Heart -
67 When the First Love Ends -
68 Route 18 -

69 Snow White Princess Is... - Aimi Hakune
70 Convenience Store -
71 PoPiPo -
72 Invisible -
73 Indulging Idol Syndrome -
74 Life Cheating Game -

75 Two Dream Dimensional Fever -
*76 Children Record - NOVA
77 +Boy - Ruko Yokune (F)
78 Gigantic O.T.N. - Ruko Yukone (M)
79 Sing & Smile - Nitton
80 Hayabusa - Al!ce
81 Tokyo Teddy Bear - Kohaku Merry
82 Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow - Gahata Meiji
Ex 1 The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku - Matsudappoine
83 Streaming Heart - Matsudappoiyo
84 Heat Haze Days - Akuta
85 Shadow Stepping Stranger - Ama Shiine
86 Matryoshka - Sora Suiga
87 Life Reset Button - Ritsu Namine
88 The Earth's Final Confession - Teto Kasane
*Ex 2 First Sound - Momo Momone
*89 Odds & Ends - Defoko


Antman and the Wasp
I almost died shading these. Lmao. Scott was really fun to draw though.

Regarding their designs...

Ok, so I had a hard time finding decent references for them so I took what I could see and made due. Antman does look better than the Wasp because I literally couldn't find consistent references of her. I just, added my own twist to both of them.
Miles and Gwen
I am so EXCITED FOR INTO THE SPIDERVERSE! I can't wait to see Miles get some screen time, and I really hope they actually make Gwen Stacy someone interesting..... She seems interesting in the trailers, but like.......... She's... Yeah...
Dagger and Cloak
Man, I hate their names. Lmao. So cheesy. Anyways, I drew the ray of sunshine and walking bedsheet again. So I wasn't sure what to do for a background, thus leaving it blank. I based their outfits off of the comics from like...... The 80s if I'm not mistaken. I'm not 100% certain, but I think the 80s. I also added my own personal flares because I wasn't completely certain what they looked like.
Ok, so like...... Cloak and Dagger still has me shook on another level. I am so excited for more episodes.

I messed up the background so bad, I attempted bleachers from the gym scene with the bat, obviously, and I messed up so bad.... 
So, I watched the premier for Cloak and Dagger, and I love it???? Definitely like Tyrone more than Tandy as of now, but Tandy seems interesting. I am so excited for more episodes, and I'll eventually draw Tandy as well, but.... Ahah.... We'll see. We'll see. You know you watched a good show when it inspires you. Lmao. 


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